The focus on this IV is pure energy. It loads you up with megadoses of B12 and B Complex vitamins, and essential and non-essential amino acids to give your body a boost.



The focus on this IV is pure energy. It loads you up with megadoses of B12 and B Complex vitamins, and essential and non-essential amino acids to give your body a boost. This gives you the extra pep in your step to improve your workouts, your workweek, and both physical and mental performance. It also helps delay, prevent and diminish fatigue.


It is great to take before a workout or a sporting event, but this formula is not only for athletes or fitness enthusiasts. It will work for you if you have a busy week coming up, are going to travel, or are feeling under the weather and exhausted. Many people have a non-stop schedule and enjoy taking this to maintain a high energy level, doing anything from taking the kids to school and soccer practice every day or people who work full time and maintain an active lifestyle.


  • B12
  • B Complex
  • Amino Acids

(A specialized blend of Aminos used to keep your body full of energy, boost your metabolism, reduce recovery time, and promote muscle building potential).

About Re-Activate

In the dictionary reactivate is defined as to restore to an active state, become activate again, or bring back into action. The blend of vitamins and amino acids in this bag work together to do just that, activate your cells, improve brain function, and deliver energy to rejuvenate your body or increase your current state of energy.

Some people will look for an instant burst of energy, but that is not the only reason to take this IV. Many people need these vitamins because their body is already depleted, deficient, or beat down. They need the combination of these vitamins and amino acids to restore their body back to their normal level. Having a vitamin or IV that focuses on energy does not mean that you need to take it only when you feel tired. Getting this infusion will help maintain energy levels, as the definition of reactivate stated, it is to restore your body to an active state.

Re-Activate can be taken for regular maintenance of energy levels, or if you are going through life events that have wore down your body and you need to get back to normal or extra energy. Many of our customers take this bag after traveling, whether it is a vacation or a business trip. Traveling will tire most people out for several reasons. It could be the jet lag, the time change, the long plane rides, or just being out of your normal every day routine.

Another popular option for our clients is to take this after a long weekend, especially before a long work week. If you are doing anything, such as attending wedding festivities, going to a festival, having friends or family in town, or attending a sporting event.

This IV is extremely popular for athletes and clients in health and wellness. Many people will get this IV before or after working out or a sporting event. It can give you that extra jolt of energy before you need to run that marathon or help you restore your levels after the race. We have attended several cross fit competitions, triathlons, and sporting tournaments where athletes young and old benefit from the Re-Activate IV.

B vitamins are always associated with energy, boosting the metabolism, and cell health, but this IV contains a propriety blend of Amino Acids that take this IV to another level. Aminos are so beneficial to the body and they plan many roles in the body. They are extremely essential to the immune system, and will help your body recover much faster or even prevent your body from reaching a vulnerable state.

It is also a building block of protein which can improve muscle mass and strength and help you perform at a higher level and also help you recover from working out or just a long tiring week. Another one of our Amino blends also helps combat fatigue for your everyday activity and for sporting events. As discussed before, combating fatigue before it happens allow your body to restore itself before it is depleted. The bottom line is, all of the aminos in our propriety blend are important for energy production, improves mitochondria function, fights fatigue, help process and build protein, and improve athletic performance.

B-12 is another one of the most popular vitamins people take, and is mainly associated with energy. Besides giving you energy, it is also important for brain function and the nervous system. By aiding in red blood cell formation it helps people maintain energy and plays an essential role in cell metabolism, nerve function and the production of DNA. Being able to give you energy, boost your metabolism and improve brain function make B-12 one of the best vitamins you can take.

B-Complex in our Myers’s Cocktail is made up of B1, B2, B3, B5, and B6. These B vitamins are critical for the growth, development, and function of cells in the body which will give you good cell health and help promote the growth of red blood cells. These power packed vitamins can help you with energy levels, digestion, nerve function, cardiovascular health, brain function, skin and eye health.

Once again, this is one of our best selling IVs and a favorite of many staff members. Life can be a struggle sometimes and there is nothing better than having energy or getting that extra jolt to get by. Whether you play sports, are a weekend warrior, a housewife taking care of children, or a busy business man, anyone can benefit greatly from this IV.